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About Isabelle Fries

Isabelle Fries fell for music early, always performing from 8 years old on.  Beginning with a boombox and the Hairspray soundtrack, she kept performing until the stage found her.  Inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Sir Elton John, The Lumineers, Tame Impala, and Maggie Rodgers, Isabelle’s fusion of Pop and Alternative genres blend the modern with the classic.


Isabelle has been working closely with Grammy-winning, multi-platinum producer/mixer Rob Chiarelli on a slate of songs, including “What Are You Waiting For,” “With A Bow,” “Spinning,” "Every Time," "All We Had," "Hello Christmas," "Shine Through the Rain," "Fight For Me," "Just A Dreamer" and her brand new single, "Scrapbook."

But Isabelle, an Australian born, Denver-bred recent graduate of The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, also has a heart for giving back.  In 2017, while performing in Uganda for GLI for their annual iKnow Concert Series, she announced & founded the Bulamu Raise Your Voice Community Foundation, where Isabelle has been implementing academic sports and music curriculums in schools, developing recycling initiatives and teaching water safety on Lake Buyonyoni. Isabelle hopes to continue using her music as a platform to help those in need across the world.

Just a Dreamer (Official Video)
Fight For Me (Official Video)
All We Had (Official Video)
Every Time (Official Video)
Spinning (Official Video)
With A Bow (Official Video)
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